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The “Home” in Homecoming

Updated: Sep 25

Back to school in this year we’ll never forget, and we are already fast approaching the end of September. Where has the first month of school gone? For me, it seemed like mid-March through the first of August just crept on by, then the school supplies came out and the next thing you know we’re halfway through the first quarter of the school year.

School looks different for a lot of people in a lot of different ways. Some of us have kids that are back at school, some of us have kids that are learning remotely from home and some of us, like at the Burdorf house, have a combination of both.

The Mustangs beat Sidney 28-20 in the first home game of the football season on Sept. 4. (Photo by Jamie Burdorf)

School staff and students are wearing masks and hand sanitizing and doing everything they can to stay healthy. I’m knocking on wood as soon as I type this sentence, but in our area of Page and Fremont Counties, we’ve been doing a pretty good job staying healthy. Kudos to all of you doing all you can right now!

Some people feel that January is the start of something new, but I tend to think that for the start of the school year. There’s something about the newness of it all that gets me excited. New teachers, new grades, new classes,new routines and new teams of Mustangs and Fillies to cheer for.

As the temperatures get cooler and the leaves start to change, that can only mean one thing -- that homecoming is around the corner.

This year, the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation is working on a special promotion. We want you to remember the “home” in homecoming! Julie Mount’s “Innovative Marketing and Entrepreneurship” class is helping us with it. We can’t wait to roll it out right before homecoming, Oct. 2, so stay tuned for that.

The SHS Marching Band performs the National Anthem before that first home football game. (Photo by Shenandoah Music Boosters)

With the new school year starting, we hope that you consider giving to the foundation in any capacity that you can. The $100 Club, the Family Challenge or any other way you would like. We are here to enhance the great things that the Shenandoah Community School District is already doing. And especially this year, despite it all, everyone at SCSD is doing their absolute best!

Here’s to this crazy, unprecedented school year. May we come out with more #horsepower than ever before!

Jamie Burdorf is executive director of the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation. You can reach her by phone at 515-520-7641 or by email at j_burdorf@yahoo.com.

We believe that world-class schools have endowments to help provide programs and opportunities for their students.

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