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The ol' coach Duane Rexroth asks that we all help "light & kindle a fire" that wil

SHENANDOAH, Iowa -- Friends of the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation, please join us in helping our school district become a “Beacon of Light” shining all over the 4-state area and beyond.

We are entering the “funding game” late. Foundations like ours, supporting a local school system, have been in existence elsewhere for some time.

In Shenandoah, we have just started the process in the last two years. But we are now committed and need your help.

Yes, it is tough to talk money.

So let’s think about past years – and all the challenges, rewards and experiences. Close your eyes. Paint pictures in your head as you recall your own years in education.

Fun! Oh my gosh! Scary! How did I ever make it through?

Or, it was a blast! Every day was meaningful and rewarding. (Well, maybe not!)

Let’s consider some words or phrases that might be meaningful to better understand this new Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation (SIEF):

--Our purpose is to support and enhance education.

--We are not seeking recognition, but respect in our community.

--Competing? No. Complimenting? Yes!

--Pride – kindling a fire that continues beyond our own lives.

--Relationships for you, regardless of generation.

--Stories that spark or trigger unity and well-being.

--Development – leave things better than when we came through the schools.

So, help us light & kindle a fire that will never again die.

We are the Maroon & the White!

Our goal: Breathing new life into old ideas.

Call, text, email your family and friends – and help us share this message.

Thanks for reading!

Duane Rexroth notes that he is a “foundation charter member and alum-not,” but he is oh so much more than that, too. Rexroth taught social studies and coached at Shenandoah High School from 1965 to 1997. Many former students remember him as the American history teacher in their junior years, although he taught several other courses, too. He also led the Mustangs to the Iowa high school state basketball tournament for the first time in school history, and coached in several other sports. He also directed the KMA “Quiz Bowl” program on Sunday afternoons for 10 years or more, and also coached the SHS team in that academic competition. He has retained farming interests at his home place on the edge of Humboldt, Nebraska, and near Shenandoah. He has also “moonlighted” for years in crop and hail insurance in the Shenandoah area. He and his wife Mary Lou continue to make their home in Shenandoah, and he’s one of the most sought-out former faculty members by visiting alumni. You can email him right here: dmlrexroth@q.com.

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