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Foundation board member Steve Lorimor was at first skeptical about getting involved, but then realiz

FARRAGUT, Iowa -- When I was asked to join the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation board, my first reaction was that I wasn't really connected to the Shenandoah school system and that it wasn't something I needed to do.

But I have a great deal of respect both for the people who asked me to join and the people who were going to be on the board, so I said yes.

There are three things that have helped me in serving on this foundation board.

One is that Shenandoah is a hub for economic activity for the area and it needs a strong competitive school system to thrive.

Also, I served on the Farragut school board for several years, as did my father.

And most importantly, I am married to a retired schoolteacher, Kathy Hillman, SHS Class of '67. I am of the strong opinion that our schools are under-funded and our teachers are under-paid.

What I want to stress most to the patrons of the Shenandoah school district is that funds raised through the foundation are locally controlled, to be used to enhance the educational experience of our young people.

It is my hope that we can fund innovative concepts and provide for some of the needs that state funding doesn't provide. I always hope that some of our brightest and best will come home to excel in life.

Steve Lorimor, the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation board member who wrote this blog, is a farmer in the Farragut area. He is a 1967 graduate of Farragut High School. You can email him right here: sklorimor@gmail.com.


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