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When the Class of ’67 gathered in reunion, they realized the investment that teachers, families and

SHENANDOAH, Iowa -- The Class of 1967 celebrated our 50th reunion last fall. Time and again the comment made was, how did this happen?

Conversations with classmates and long-time friends recalled numerous events and relationships that at their core tie us to the Shenandoah Community School District.

While observing interactions, I thought about the kids in our school today. What will they take with them when they leave the Shenandoah schools to pursue their careers and lives?

When I was a teacher, my team was fortunate to be on the receiving end of grants from foundations in other school districts. Those grants created the opportunity for us to expand learning opportunities beyond the classrooms for the students in our charge.

Sometimes a teacher needs financial support to facilitate creative ideas. Other times, teaching beyond the mandated standards, cements learning for students and helps create enthusiasm for new learning. Grants, in the form of fieldtrips, can help students explore the world beyond their classroom.

Humans learn in many ways. We discuss 21st century skills needed by students.

As we look back over 50 years, who could have predicted what the Class of ’67 would need? One common thread was the investment of our teachers, families and community in the future citizens we would become.

The financial support now offered by the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation sends a message to staff and students that their education is important, for their own lives and for us as a community.

We hear stories about “paying it forward” and “giving back.” The foundation helps create the opportunity for us to invest in the future generations of Shenandoah learners.

Please join us as we establish an endowment that allows us to partner with our district for ongoing learning in our schools.

Star Ann Kloberdanz, the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation board member who wrote this blog, is an SHS ’67 graduate, as she wrote. She went on to teach at the elementary level in Ankeny, Iowa, and Clinton Township in New Jersey. Later, she returned to her home area and taught special education at Farragut and then was literacy coach in the Shenandoah schools. She also was a consultant for Developmental Studies helping districts implement literacy programs. “I thought I had retired 3 times before I really did!” she said. You can email her right here: starann@heartland.net.

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