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Foundation board member Alan Armstrong has high expectations of himself & others in supporting o

SHENANDOAH, Iowa -- I was truly honored to be asked to be a part of the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation in the very early stages of its existence.

When Bob Sweeney came to me that morning, I thought what a great way to give back to our schools through sharing my time. So here I am as a member of a very strong and vital foundation serving the Shenandoah school system. Why did I become a part of this group? My answer would be because I was asked.

The 11 members of the foundation board are to my estimation, some of the very best members of our community. Many of the board are graduates of Shenandoah High, and then a few of us graduated from other schools but still enjoy being a major part of the inner workings of this community.

I find working on the different projects of the foundation very rewarding. It is super sweet to be able to help promote new projects and implement exciting improvements for the students, as well as the teachers in our school system.

Even though we are in the process of starting a new type of giving for those in our community who are a part of the Shenandoah schools – we’re calling it the “$100 Club” – I am positive I will be overwhelmed with the generosity that this new fund drive generates.

Personally, I would love to see our foundation be able to give out at least $25,000 or more in mini-grants during our third year of existence.

Alan Armstrong, the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation board member who wrote this blog, graduated from Putnam County HIgh School in Unionville, Mo. In Shenandoah, he is co-owner of Lu & Al's Nishna Valley Café and Catering Service. He also serves as a member of the Page County Board of Supervisors. You can email him right here: AARM2621@msn.com

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