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Our end-of-2017 financial report to the public, and an appeal for all to join our new “$100 Club”

Hello to all of you who support and promote our Shenandoah schools and our district’s communities. I trust you have all enjoyed your Christmas festivities with family and friends, and have now settled into all our favorite winter activities.

I would like to provide you all with a recap of our Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation’s work in our first full year of fundraising, which is aimed at enhancing education opportunities for our youth and teachers in our local schools.

One of the important facets of our responsibility to all of you is to make sure we are providing full disclosure of all our financial activities. The report below communicates our income and expenses for the 2017 calendar year. I will be providing you some “round numbers” for our expenses, as I believe they’re just easier to read and understand. Our financials will soon be found on our website for your review as well.

Total contributions for 2017 were $54,378. That came from 45 contributors. Two of those contributors were $20,000 each – the Isabel Spears family and the Anne B. Gee family. The other 43 contributors averaged $334 each, and with the range from $25 to $2,000.

Our expenses totaled just over $10,000 for the year. Here is a breakdown of them:

·Legal fees associated with our foundation’s start-up costs, $4,800.

·Accounting fees and website expenses, $2,000.

·Insurance, $1,400.

·Other expenses, $1,350.

·Postage, printing, and copying, $600.

In addition to these expenses, we awarded $1,850 in mini-grants to faculty or staff members in 2017. Our desire is to increase the amount of these mini-grants every year as our financial support continues to increase.

Our December 31, 2017, cash balance was $42,659.

Our foundation set a goal for $250,000 for 2017. We wanted to set a high goal, a “stretch” goal, a goal that we knew if we were able to make, would help us jump-start our foundation. Obviously, we did not make that goal, but we had two fantastic gifts from two great families to help us get started. We also had another 43 individuals and families that provided great support as well.

At our foundation’s January board of directors meeting, we met to discuss strategies and fundraising plans for 2018. Although we have not named our new campaign, we all agreed that we want to challenge every person that believes and supports our school system to give $100.

For now, we can just call it the “give $100 campaign in 2018.” Maybe we will just call it the “$100 Club.” But whatever we decide to call our 2018 campaign we will be reaching out in various methods to make sure everyone knows who we are and why we exist.

We want to involve everyone in the Shenandoah schools’ communities, whether you graduated from SHS or not. We would much appreciate you joining our cause and in our desire to make Shenandoah Community Schools even better than they are today, as we enhance the educational opportunities for our students and our teachers.

Would all of you reading this blog join the $100 Club, if that’s what we call it, and help us continue to build a foundation for today’s youth and for the generations to come?

Thanks for reading, and I will be in touch another month.

You can email the foundation president right here: Corby.Fichter@fcsamerica.com.

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