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The first day of school

SHENANDOAH, Iowa, September 12, 2017 – Hello, supporters of the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation!

I know it has been a while since I posted a column. I did not intend to take this long to send out a new message, but honestly I have been struggling on what to communicate to all of you. As of August 21, I knew what I wanted to visit about with you. This might at first appear to have nothing to do with our Foundation, but I believe it has everything to do with our Foundation.

On that Monday, Aug. 21, I had the privilege to address about 160 teachers, administrators, and support staff of Shenandoah Community Schools on their first day of school.

As I thought about what to say to this awesome group of people, my first days of school came to my mind. We did not have texting, Facebook, and smartphones to stay connected with friends. Coming back to school meant that we could reacquaint with friends, coaches, and teachers, which was always good.

However, I have never thought about our teachers having their first day of school. As I looked around the room on Aug. 21, I could tell all those associated with our Shenandoah Schools felt the same way as I did on my long-ago “first days,” as they enjoyed getting back together with old friends and many new friends as well.

What hit me was that these 160 people have a tremendous passion to serve our youth of the Shenandoah area. Each one of these teachers, administrators, and support staff desire to help our young peope to learn and become the best they can be. Each of one of these staff members share their vision to each student to help them become better each day at whatever they are doing and learning. Each one of these staff members encourages the heart of every student every single day.


Because that is what teachers do. That is their drive and passion. That is why they come back year after year.

In my speech, I had the opportunity to talk about my favorite teacher. It brought back great memories of why she was my favorite teacher. She challenged me to get better at whatever I was doing. She helped me get out of my box and do things I was not comfortable in doing. Why? She did it so I could become better prepared for my real job some day and she did it because she knew I could do more. I will always be thankful for some of those “things” my favorite teacher helped and pushed me to do.

And that made we wonder about all those other favorite teachers out there that each one of you had the opportunity to learn and grow from. Brings back great memories, doesn’t it?

Where am I going with this little “talk”?

Here is something for each of you to think about: What better way to honor and support our teachers of the Shenandoah Community, to say “thank you” for all they do and how they do it, than by supporting the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation through a monetary gift of any size today?

Your gift will help our Foundation find new and creative ways to support the work our teachers are doing for our youth. Our Foundation’s vision is to be a partner for and with these teachers, who are doing one of the most important jobs in the world – teaching our students.

Would you please join many people who are giving to our Foundation, either through our online giving tool or sending a check?

I know your favorite teacher from the past would really appreciate you doing that for those teachers of today. Thank you much for thinking about your favorite teacher and the teachers in our Shenandoah Schools!

If you have any questions about what our Foundation is doing, keep checking our website or reach out to one of our Board members. If you are thinking about making a significant contribution to our Foundation, please call me or any of our Board members. We would love to hear from you. Until next time, have a great fall season and we will check in later.

You can write Corby Fichter, president of the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation, by email at Corby.Fichter@fcsamerica.com.

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