First family to match the Sweeneys' "family challenge" in pledging $10,000 for our fou

Almost immediately after the family of Bob and Kathy Sweeney posed a "family challenge" to the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation -- seeking 99 families to join them in donating $10,000 to foundation over the next 10 years -- the family of Corby and Jean Fichter responded, "We'll match it!" You can read about the Sweeneys, of Atlantic, and their challenge in another story on this website. So, let's meet the Fichters, of Shenandoah. Corby Fichter, president of the education foundation since its beginning in 2016, is a graduate of Fremont Mills High School and Iowa State University. He is regional vice-president for Southwest Iowa of Farn Credit Services of America and also is a farmer. Je

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