A round-up of the learning enhancements that our $250 "mini-grants" (from your donations)

SHENANDOAH, Iowa -- The mission statement of Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation states we will support and expand educational opportunities for students in the Shenandoah Community School District. One way the foundation has been able to do that is by offering “mini-grants” to staff. We’re funding those from the donations we’ve received from alumni, alum-nots and other supporters of the Shenandoah schools – people from right here in town and from across the nation. Only a small portion of the donations are being used for these mini-grants. The larger portions of the donations are being invested in an endowment. Hopefully it will be large enough to help pay for major school projects in the

The ol' coach Duane Rexroth asks that we all help "light & kindle a fire" that wil

SHENANDOAH, Iowa -- Friends of the Shenandoah Iowa Education Foundation, please join us in helping our school district become a “Beacon of Light” shining all over the 4-state area and beyond. We are entering the “funding game” late. Foundations like ours, supporting a local school system, have been in existence elsewhere for some time. In Shenandoah, we have just started the process in the last two years. But we are now committed and need your help. Yes, it is tough to talk money. So let’s think about past years – and all the challenges, rewards and experiences. Close your eyes. Paint pictures in your head as you recall your own years in education. Fun! Oh my gosh! Scary! How did I ever m

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